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If you've ever had doubts and questions about your sexuality and how to improve your relationship, enhance your lovemaking skills or communicate more openly with your partner, then is the site for you. Ebony Intimacy is specifically for African American lesbian couples and hetero sexual cupoles who want to enhance their relationship and learn more about intimacy and sexuality.

Myths and Conceptions:

Myth: The penises of African American men are larger than the penises of males from any other race.

Reality: Penises come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. No one group of men has the market cornered on penis size. There has never been a large-scale study comparing penis size.

Myth: African Americans should not or do not masturbate.

Reality: African American women in particular have been taught that it is shameful to explore their bodies, and that they should not derive pleasure from touching themselves. However, as American society becomes more tolerant and accepting of sexual behavior such as masturbation, African Americans find increasing freedom to explore their bodies without shame and put away the double standards related to their sexuality.

Myth: African American men have greater sexual potency and reproductive capacity than other races.

Reality: There is no credible evidence that the sexual potency of African American men is any greater than any other group of men. What has been described as hypersexuality by some researchers is simply a different pattern of sexual expression.

Myth: African American men and women do not perform oral sex.

Reality: By comparison, a higher percentage of White Americans engage in oral sex than do African Americans. However, depending on social class, the percentage of African Americans who perform oral sex ranges from 60 to 80 percent. This suggests that African Americans do perform and enjoy oral sex.

Myth: African American men are "users" of women and are not concerned with their partner's sexual pleasure.

Reality: Some men may not be concerned with their partner's pleasure, but in one study, almost three-quarters of the men surveyed said they tried to delay orgasm as long as possible until their partner had an orgasm or seemed satisfied.

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